Update on 'What shares to buy?'

Updated: May 26

In our previous blog 'What shares to buy?' we had unveiled our curated list of 31 top picks for investments at rates lower than the then-prevailing market prices.

Three out of our list have breached our buy targets. The rest are still hovering above our wish rates by an average of about 14%.

We advice our readers to patiently wait for the shares to bye-pass our target entry points before plunging into buy mode.

Here is the recommendations of our last blog, neatly tabulated, for quick reference.

We have taken a conservative approach to investments and kept low targets for buy rates. Some of the stocks may not attain our desired buy rates. Readers are advised to use their prudence to decide on investing at higher rates.

Investments in stock markets are subject to risk of losses. Our list of recommendations are from long term point of view.


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