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Over 25 years of experience
Board & Management
Social Corporate Responsibility

Incorporated in 1990, MFSL is a widely held Public Limited Company. The equity shares of the company are listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. MFSL is a SEBI registered Merchant Banker, Stock Broker, Portfolio Manager & depository Participant.


The company is promoted by a century old Munoth group headquartered out of Chennai and originating from Rajasthan.

The board of MFSL comprises of the promoters and well-known personalities with profound understanding of capital market related activities. Together, they bring in the requisite direction for MFSL towards its goal to outshine in its field.


The organization is ably supported by its competent and knowledgeable staffs for effective accomplishments.

The Munoth Family has contributed towards social, educational and religious pursuits. Part of its corporate social responsibilities, the group has sponsored Misrimal Navajee munoth Jain Engineering College, Misrimal Navajee Munoth Jain School of Architecture and Lalchand Leeladevi Munoth Jain Medical Care.


Mr Lalchand Munoth, Chairman, MFSL is the Chairman of the engineering and architecture colleges. Mr Jaswant  Munoth, Managing Director, MFSL is the Secretary - Academics of the aforesaid colleges.

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