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Stock market to fall further

Since our last blog ‘Stock Markets can go down further’ published on March 18th 2020 markets have dropped 4.5%. A Comparison of P/E multiples at the beginning and end of every recession reveals that the markets are sure to see around 20% fall from current levels - Nifty should drop to 6500 (and Sensex to 22000 levels).

The omnipresent COVID 19 pandemic is continuing to rattle and shatter health, lives and economy. God knows as to when we would get out of its clutches. Will Sylvia Browne’s prophecy that this pandemic will suddenly vanish to recur after a decade comes true? Will India’s suffering continue on lower intensity or would it rise like the Europe, USA or China? Whatsoever, as Jainism or Buddhism preaches, this too should pass, and passage of time shall soothe everything.

For now, we wish good health for every being and may peace prevail. At an appropriate time, we shall release our list of recommended scrips for investments and until then we reiterate our advice to not plunge with more investments.

Leaving you with an interesting table showing trend of PE multiples during the beginning and end of every recession in last two decades:

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1 Comment

Apr 06, 2020

Very true, the markets would go down further, and would go up later as mentioned in your other article.

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